Privacy Policy

1. COMPANY’s DATA, hereinafter the “WEBSITE”, all its content, structure, logo, facilities, transfers and authorizations are owned by Integral Homes Spain, S.L., with CIF: B-21556196 and postal address at Avda. Juan Pablo II, Urb. Vista Esuri, Bloque 8, Portal 3, Bajo C, hereinafter the “COMPANY”.

If you browse on the WEBSITE, it is understood that you, as a USER, accept our current General Conditions. The USER shall read and accept without any kind of limitations this PRIVACY POLICY before to start browsing on the WEBSITE.

The COMPANY may withdraw the access to the WEBSITE, without prior notice, to any USER who contravenes what it is expose in these General Conditions of Use.

If necessary, the COMPANY may modify the current General Conditions of Use and any other terms and warnings that are applicable. Also the COMPANY may modify any aspect of the configuration of the WEBSITE.

Please, read these terms and conditions before using the WEBSITE since they rule it. If you are not agree with the aforementioned terms and conditions, shall not use the WEBSITE. These terms and conditions are applicable to the alll information contained in the WEBSITE and its indirect services provided from the WEBSITE, e-mail, mobiles devices and telephone.

Likewise, these terms and conditions shall be apllicable to all third party services advertised or offered from the WEBSITE (bookings, discounts, contents, etc.).


Through this WEBSITE, the COMPANY provides an on-line service which you may know what is the properties portfolio, in order to USERS may see them and ask for more information if necessary.

The services offered on the WEBSITE are for personal use, not commercial. It is forbidden to resell, copy, use, follow-up (such as spider, scrape), show, deep-links, download or duplicate content, information, software, products or services availables on the WEBSITE for any commercial activity.

USERS shall use the WEBSITE according to these terms and conditions of use. They shall not infringe tird party rights and any legal obligation. USERS shall be legally responsible for any use not according with these terms and conditions.


The WEBSITE has links to other webpages which aren’t managed by the COMPANY. These links don’t imply any recommendation, invitation or suggestion to visit the corresponding webpages, so that the COMPANY is not responsible of the third party infrmation in the aforementioned webpages.


USER specifically acknowledges and agrees that all intellectual property rights on the contents and any other elements on the website belont to the COMPANY, or to its licensors, except on the aforemntioned abour links.

All elements related to graphic design, menus, navigation buttons, HTML code, texts images and anya other similar are owned by the COMPANY, or this have authorization to use them.

USERS can download and use the all content of the WEBSITE as it’s shown on it, but never with commercial purposes.

Also, it’s forbidden to delete, avoid or modify the copyright and other data related to the rights of the WEBSITE.

The COMPANY authorize to insert links to other webpages as long as they accomplish with these terms and conditions, particularly with regard to avoid any abuse or illegal content.


These terms and conditions are according to the laws of Spain and by the principle of good faith, so USERS shall use the WEBSITE taking into account these principles.

Any illegal activity which put third party rights at risk are forbidden, particularly:

Any activity that can produce any damage on the COMPANY systems and on a third party.

To do spamming, trying to block the servers of the WEBSITE.

The COMPANY shall not be responsible for any inappropiate or illegal use of its contents.

The COMPANY shall not be responsible for any dissablement of access due to problems with the electricity provider and any others similar suppliers. Also, the COMPANY shall not be responsible for any damage caused on the systems of USERS if any of the situations aforementioned happen.

The COMPANY does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the Website and is not responsible for any damages caused or likely to occur in the future or technical defects , whatever their nature, derived from the use of information and the matters contained in the WEBSITE.


Data provided by users and customers is processed in accordance with that set in the Personal data Protection Act 15/1999.

In order to gain total andf legal access to the information and content of the WEBSITE, the user must accept in the way prescribed therein, in accordance with the Data Protection Act , the processing of personal data, to be incorporated into our file (accepting the Privacy Policy ) .

The company agrees to cancel the personal data when they are no longer necessary or relevant to the purpose for which it was collected through authorized for this purpose and to respond to requests for information made by the user form , with the controller THE COMPANY.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act , we inform you that your data will be treated in our files for the purpose of maintaining and enforcing the relationship with our organization, including sending communications in the course of that relationship.

Also, your data will be transferred in all cases where it is necessary for the development , implementation and control of the relationship with our organization or in cases where authorized by a regulation having the force of law . In compliance with the Data Protection Act you can exercise your rights ARCO to Integral Homes Spain , SL , located at Avenida Juan Pablo II , Urb Vista Esuri, Block 8 , Portal 3, Bajo C , CP . 21400 Ayamonte (Huelva ) , enclosing a copy of your identity card or passport.

In addition, we inform to USERS of the use of cookies to get information and statistical analysis on the use of our web site reported . Cookies used by the company are anonymous and do not refer to personal data of USERS and can’t be accessed through the same data the user’s hard drive . User identity is never inserted directly in the cookie and therefore will not be identified.


By accepting these terms and conditions you also accept the laws in force at all times in Spain . for any claim or sharing were available to USERS on the e-mail contact and postal address : Avda. Juan Pablo II, Urb. Vista Esuri, Bloque 8, Portal 3, Bajo C, Ayamonte (Huelva), España.

All claimants, regardless of their place of origin, accept the jurisdiction of the courts of Ayamonte as the only valid to resolve any law suit, rejecting their right to use the courts of their place of origin.